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2000m^3/H 1825kw CAT Engine Dual Pump Dredger

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Lugar de origem: CHINA
Marca: Leader Dredger
Certificac~ao: ISO 9001
Número do modelo: LD12000
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Preco: Free Consultation
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Informac~ao detalhada

Tipo: Draga dupla da suc~ao do cortador da bomba Tipo do poder: Diesel
Polegada: 32 polegadas Profundidade de dragagem (m): 18
Poder principal do motor (quilowatts): 1825 Poder do motor auxiliar (quilowatts): 994
Di^ametro da tubulac~ao (milímetros): 800 aplicac~ao: Coral Dredging, dragagem portuária
Personalizado: Personalizado Circunst^ancia: Novo

CAT Engine Dual Pump Dredger


2000m^3/H Dual Pump Dredger


1825kw Cutter Suction Machine

Descric~ao de produto


Professional Channel Dredging Dual Pump Cutter Suction Dredger Dual Engine Design


Standardized Large-Scale Stationary Paper Cutter Suction Machine CAT Engine Provides Stable Power


1. About Dual Pump Dredger


With the help of internal knowledge and feedback from a large number of customers, the design of our large fixed CSD has been continuously improved. Our dredger includes the following functions:


- Multiple pumps, long discharge distance, no need for additional booster station

- Application of cutting machine and dredging wheel

- It has high efficiency in various soils.

- Judging from customer feedback, these CSDs are the best and most profitable products of their kind in the market.


2000m³/H 1825kw CAT Engine Dual Pump Dredger 0


2. About Cutter Suction Dredger


1. Lowest cost per cubic meter
2. Long uptime
3. Short delivery time
4. Can dredge all kinds of soil
5. Large dredging depth


3. leader dredger LD12000 technical specifications

A . Dredging Features

Standard dredging depth(m) Maximum mixture 20m
capacity(m/h) 12000m³/h
Solid capacity(approx) 2000m³/h
Dredging pump mode 800/800mm(32'/32")


B . Principal characteristics


Overall length(m) 49m
Breadth(m) 9.4m
Draught(m) 1.8m
Discharge distance(m) 2300m
Total dry weight approx(MT) 420MT
Ladder length 31m


C . Dredge pump: Australia technology Pump


By alloy cast iron material for better abrasion resistance, abrasive, hardness, more than68HRC. Bigger working capacity, more efficiency, driven through gearbox.
Maximum mixture capacity(m/h) 12000m³/h
Solid capacity(approx) 2000m³/h

D . Engine


Main diesel engine(Cummins) Cummins Q60 1864kw
Auxilary engine Cummins KTA38 895KW
Total fuel consumption ≤386kg/hr
Extra emergency generator set 45kw(60Hp)


4. When are CSD used


CSDs can be used for land reclamation, for deepening harbours and for the construction and expansion of ports and navigational channels or for pipeline trenching in the seabed.

When the dredged material is being used for land reclamation, the distance between the dredging and disposal areas is usually shorter than the distances covered by trailing suction hopper dredgers. CSDs can tackle almost all types of soil, although of course this depends on the installed cutting power. CSDs are built in a wide range of types and sizes; the cutting head power ranges between 20 kW for the smallest to around 6,000 kW for the largest.

In fact, dredging sites are not always easily accessible by water. When access is very shallow, an area may have to be ‘predredged’ prior to he actual dredging. In the case where there is no water access, a small eemountable cutter may have to be brought to the site by road.


5. Our Parts


- Cummins engine (primary and auxiliary)-usa

- Warman pump technology - Australia

- Rexroth hydraulic system - Germany

- Schneider electric system-Germany

The above parts have a 1-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime support.


7. How To Choose Cutter Suction Dredger


How To Choose Dredger -Leader Dredger


8. Leader Dredger Customer


Leader Dredger Customer

9. Features:


Easy to assemble and dismantle Advanced profssional design
Deliver by road, rail or sea Spare parts available
One man operation Completely tested before deliverie
Advanced hydraulic system with air conditioning
Water cooled diesel engines Customizations on users'demand


11. Delivery:


Carried by trucks to the loading seaport, and then by bulk vessels to the destination seaport.



12. Cutter Suction Dredger Testing Picture



Dual Pump Cutter Suction Dredger - Leader Dredger


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